We are Craftsmen of a new Era.

What exactly are we?

Design Craft India’s origins trace back to Sambhal karigars who have provided us with handmade articles made of horn, bone, wood, resin, mother of pearl, and metals. Our company, Design Craft India, was established in 2003, and we have spent more than two decades crafting goods from a variety of materials. Quality assurance is at the core of our values, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with nothing but the best.

We never compromise on the quality of the products we offer. Our commitment lies in delivering the highest quality handcrafted products to our clients, ensuring that each item is made with great attention to detail. We take pride in producing a wide array of unique and creative home decorative accessories, including photo frames, utility boxes, jewelry boxes, tissue boxes, pen stands, coasters, mirror frames, ashtrays, cutlery, kitchenware, chopping boards, candle holders, tealight sets, knife handles, knobs, and all kinds of fashion jewelry.

We promise that our range of products and quality will never disappoint you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and unique, hand crafted products for our customers.


Our Vision

To create an online presence that not only portrays the quality of our products, but develops an image of trustworthiness and promotes the brand and overall service to our customers.


Why Choose Us

We work with passion, design and craftsmanship to bring to you the best collection of handicrafts.


Global Coverage

We ship our products to customers across the globe, providing a wide variety of materials and designs to suit any taste or budget.

Creative and Aesthetic Team

Our team of highly skilled artisans has years of experience crafting products that are both aesthetically pleasing and innovative.

Options for Customization

We offer a range of customization options for our products, from materials to designs.

Reasonable Prices

We strive to provide customers with the best value for their money and, as such, offer competitive prices for our products.

Our Certificates

We have the following certifications.








Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently receive this inquiry, so we created a FAQ to assist our customers.


Yes, sample orders are welcome in order to evaluate and test our products. Availability is a determining factor.


Known for producing a wide range of goods, Design Craft India is also a reputable exporter and supplier. Since 1998, we have operated in this market. Specially handcrafted goods are what we deal in.


Before mass production, there is always a pre-production sample; before shipping, always perform a final inspection.


Before beginning mass production, we conduct quality testing. In addition, a strict quality control system is in place to ensure that the client receives high-quality products. In addition, we always ask that our customers inspect the goods before shipping them.


We can ship by sea or air, depending on your needs. We will assist you in determining the most efficient shipping method based on your specific needs.


We will first prepare artwork for visual confirmation, followed by a real sample for your second confirmation. If the sample is satisfactory, we will proceed to mass production.